Robert Fredericks, a.k.a. Oklahuma,

started mixing music and spoken sound samples of the Mandali of Meher Baba together to provide a

novel way of expressing the love and understanding of Meher Baba which he received through Meher Baba’s Mandali, the close companions of Meher Baba who served Him and lived with Him and whom He trained to obey Him implicitly in order to enable them to work most effectively for Him and therefore for all of humanity and all of the  creation. It was his tribute to them.

That was in the early 90’s. After completing 2 CD’s on music , technobaba and technobaba 2.0, he started to make music videos to the tracks he made.

The first one ‘America’ was a 7 minute video exploring the changes in America that took place after Baba’s 1932 declaration that He would ‘divert’ the tremendous energy  that America possessed into “creative and spiritual channels”. The latest production “In Every Phase Of Life” ( 2017) returns to the same theme in a 47 minute film of Meher Baba’s 1932 trip to America.

In between ‘America’ and ‘In Every Phase Of Life’ Oklauma spent most of his time making films of Meher Baba and films related to Meher Baba’s Advent.

Working on his own projects or collaborating with others, the digital age enabled him to work more efficiently then working directly with film stock.

He worked on various project s such as the Meher Film Works productions; God In Human Form ( 2003) and You Alone Exist (2005), as well as collaborating with Kacy Cook on Happy Birthday Darling Mehera (2006) and Jim Meyer on Names of Love (2011) and Bif Soper, and Gokaran Shivastava on An Act Of God (2006). Of course all films are collaborative efforts and many others contributed time and talent to these films. When Merwan Grew Up (2004) and How God Found Out That He Was God( 2006) were collaborated projects with the Meher English school in Meherabad.

Robert’s other projects included Three Incredible Weeks ( 2005) with Bill Le Page and Peter Booth. Be As It May (2005) with John Murphy. A Love Feast Gathering (2006) and A Gift Of Love To Remember ( 2005) with Gokaran Shivasta and Abir Hazrat. Theses two later films were made for the Anniversary Sahavas’s that were being held on Meherabad Hill commemorating 50 years since Meher Baba had originally held them. The 2 hour production In The House Of  Their Father Meher Baba 1962 East West Gathering (2012) was the culmination and last of these Anniversary films which premiered on Meherabad Hill outdoors at night with thousands attending.

In June 2010, Technobaba films began a project which lasted 7 years.Life At Its Best (2017). Taking individual messages from Avatar Meher Baba’s book entitled Life At Its Best and setting them into short films, lasting anywhere from 40 seconds to 7 minutes. Finally completed in December 2017, the film is currently only available on this website.