Addicted To Love

A video of Meher Baba and his Masts, whom he referred to as God Intoxicated, using Robert Palmer’s1985 pop hit Addicted to Love as the soundtrack.

Meher Baba states: “Masts are desperately in love with God, or consumed by their love for God.

Masts do not suffer from what may be called a disease. They are in a state of mental disorder because their minds are overcome by such intense spiritual energies that are far too much for them – forcing them to lose contact with the world, shed normal human habits and customs and civilized society, and live in a state of spiritual splendor but physical squalor.

They are overcome by an agonizing love for God, and are drowned in their ecstasy. Only the divine love embodied in a Perfect Master can reach them.”

Released 2013.