The prices for the films are for digital downloads. You will receive an email upon ordering with a link to download the file. You will have three attempts, as the files are large and the download can get interrupted. If you cannot download the file with three attempts, email me and i will reset the link for you to try again. If you still cannot download the file, email me again and your purchase price will be refunded.

You can burn make DVD’s of these files to play on a DVD player if you wish. Most DVD players have USB ports now and you can stream the file directly from the USB stick to your TV. The older films are in a 4:3 SD aspect ration. The newer films are often in a 16:9 HD ratio. I will include the cover art download link when possible so that you can print the cover if you wish and create your own DVD collection.

There is a donation button on the checkout page if you wish to make a donation to futher film projects. All the films including the ones made at Meherabad are self funded. The AMBPPCT does not contribute to the equipment or any software or any hardware or any financing at all to the creation of these films. They are financed via the funds generated through the sale of the films or through self funding. Any donation made will go to further equipment such as computers, monitors, hard drives, stock footage purchases, music purchases, maintaining this site, etc… At this point the film footage of Avatar Meher Baba is supplied either by the Trust or Sufism Reoriented or other copyright holders without charge. The photographs of Avatar Meher Baba are supplied without cost via their respective copyright holders.