Meher Baba In Debra Dun

The first of the biographical films made by Robert Fredericks for the 50th anniversary of Meher Baba’s last public Darshan in Dehra Dun on March 1953.

Written by Dr Narendra Prasad, narrated by Kirrily de Polney.

Including interviews with Bhau Kalchuri and Bhushon Sharma and film footage of Meher Baba’s public Darshan in Dehra Dun.

This film also includes a photo of the original Parvardigar Prayer with corrections supplied by Beloved Archives.

The film premiered in Dehra Dun in March 2003  at an outdoor night projection at the same location where Meher Baba’s 1953 Darshan took place.

41 minutes

Published 2003

720 x 480

An excerpt from the film Meher Baba In Dehra Dun

41 minutes.

published 2003

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    Meher Baba In Dehra Dun

    This video was made in 2003. It presents some of the events of Meher Baba's life that occurred in Dehra Dun, such as a long stay in the New LIfe, the Parvardigar Prayer and the message The Highest Of the High.

    It has footage of Meher Baba in Dehra Dun in 1953. 40 minutes long.

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