A Gift Of Love To Remember

44 minutes.

Publish 2005.

1gb .MP4 file.

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The story of Meher Baba’s 1955 Meherabad Sahavas.

After the 1954 Final Declaration, and the dropping of His use the Alphebet Bard to communicate, Meher Baba held the 1955 Sahavas. This Sahavas was split into 4 Indian language groups, each one held for one week each.

This Sahavas was also attended by Francis Brabazon and Don Stevens, the later who chronicled the event in the book Listen Humanity. 16 mm film footage of the Sahavas was shot by Don Stevens as well.

Produced for the 50th anniversary of the 1955 Sahavas celebration in 2005.

Available in both English and Hindi.

English edition narrated by Pratap Ahir. Hindi edition narrated by Gokaran Shivastava.

44 minutes.

Publish 2005.

1GB MP4 file. English.