Life At Its Best The Complete Film

The is the full film of Life At Its Best including all the 18 messages plus the story of how the book came to be narrated by Meherwan Jessawala who was the original editor of the book.

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Meherwan was given the task by his elder brother Eruch to select the messages that were to be included in what was to become the book Life At Its Best. This is his story and 18 of the short messages narrated, animated and set to music.

Upon purchase, you will receive a pdf which will contain a link to the film, and the password required to watch and download it.



Messages On The Spiritual Life From Avatar Meher Baba

In July of 2010. I started working on the small messages that Baba had read out in public meetings as he toured America and Australia in 1956 that are published by Sufism Reoriented in the book Life At Its Best*. I have always loved these messages, and was inspired to make them into videos so that they are available in a different format that may have a wider distribution and also may prompt the viewer to open the book again or buy the book for the first time, for there are many more messages in the book then made into a video. Creations Of The Limited Mind was always my favorite, and I think in the video form, it is the best one rendered.

I wanted to give them all a dynamic modern feel using the old ‘technobaba ‘ video art style, as opposed to the more straight documentaries of Baba’s life I made, although now I realized I did not use even a single piece of Techno music in any of them.

The short pieces stand on their own, this is the entire film which includes them all and also tells the story of how they came to be released as told to me by Meherwan Jessawala, a life long close disciple of Meher Baba, and who figured prominently in their public release. -Robert Fredericks

*Life At Its Best. Copyright © 1957 by Sufism Reoriented Inc


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